Our Mandate

We live in a true multicultural nation, where people groups from all regions cohabitate changing the landscape of our cities and towns.  Intercultural and Indigenous Ministries exist to  help our churches communicate reflect cultural diversity of their city.   cultures, training our churches to achieve cultural integration  in each aspect of ministry. 

Our ministry also serve as a liaison with First Nation Pentecostal pastors, churches, and ministries in BC and Yukon in order to help our network become conscious of the needs of Indigenous Peoples. 

Harold Gutierrez

Ministry Leader for Indigenous & Intercultural

Harold is a pastor, communicator, and theologian. In his ministry career he ha served in different roles at local churches in Florida, North Carolina, and British Columbia. He is passionate about helping the local church become culturally and missionally relevant today. He has had 13 years of Full-time ministry experience. 


  1. Help local churches develop ministry strategies with newcomers (ESL, International Students, Settlement, etc).
  2. Train local churches to strategize about reaching First Nations.

Training & Leadership Development

  1. Theological and ministerial training of intercultural workers through Pathway  (include link) 
  2. Cross-cultural training modules for the local church through Koine (include link)
  3. Continuous coaching for our churches and leaders about social justice issues involving people groups. 

Cultural Language Churches & Ministries

  1. Assist in the planting of churches and ministry with a linguistic and cultural emphasis.
  2. Promote leadership development in cultural language and indigenous churches.
  3. Promote partnership with and among Cultural Language churches and indigenous ministries 

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