The Revitalized Church plan

“A Journey to health and growth, moving your church from where you are to where you want to be”  

Every church has “next level” potential! We want to get you there. The Revitalized Church plan helps Reveal the current reality of your church, then together we Recalibrate your values and vision through a series of intentional coaching sessions, all on the journey to Resource you with effective training and the proper tools to get your church on the pathway to missional effectiveness.

Rev. Mark A. Lewis

Assistant Superintendent for Revitalization

Pastor, Communicator and worship leader Mark has been in ministry for 34 years, giving leadership to churches in Canada and the US. Mark’s passion is to see the local church fulfill its utmost potential by training and equipping individuals to live out the great commandment and commission. Mark is a warm, engaging and down to earth speaker who loves to see the potential in leaders and churches become reality.

Our goal is to help your church develop the five essential priorities for a healthy church

  1. To pursue and obey God passionately
  2. To engage and maintain loving relationships
  3. To develop and mobilize your people
  4. To act with clear direction and outward focus
  5. To reproduce and multiply His mission in other people and places

The Revitalized Church Plan is structured into three phases

  • Phase 1: Catalyst Weekend
  • Phase 2: Coaching Events
  • Phase 3: Cohort Experiences

Catalyst Weekend

A relational weekend with staff and key ministry leaders exploring the current culture of your church and understanding the results of the “Unstuck Church” or CHAT survey. A revealing assessment process to discover your church’s current reality.  
  1. We would begin with a personal meeting with your church staff, council, and elders; to establish a customized revitalization plan for your church.  Our first meeting would include a brief overview of your church’s current vision, missional priorities, ministry programs, staff (paid personnel and volunteers), and organizational structures (management, admin, finance).  

  2. We would clarify two common methods used for church revitalization (the Prescriptive Method vs. the BCYD Revitalized Church Training) and contextualize these systems to suit the unique sub-culture of your church and community.  

  3. We would establish the most effective assessment tool, which would be used during the catalytic stage of revitalization. Most churches have used the CHAT (Church Health Assessment Tool) with the greatest amount of clarity and success.  

  4. A subsequent ‘catalyst weekend retreat’ would be arranged by Mark Lewis to create a more detailed and strategic plan for revitalization.    


Here is a sample of a Relational Weekend schedule:

Friday Evening.              - Meet with Pastor, staff and leadership team.
Saturday Morning.        - Staff and key leader interviews.
Saturday Afternoon.     - Review results of “Unstuck Church” survey with the Pastor.
Sunday Morning.           - Attend and assess Sunday morning experience. Parking lot to Pulpit.
Sunday Afternoon.        - Meet with Pastor and design unique and strategic Revitalization Plan.

Coaching Events

Intentional training designed to create clarity and focus for your church. Coaching experiences for staff and key leaders helping to create a recalibrating process for the future. Moving your church from where you are to where you want to be.  

  1. The results of the Unstuck Church or CHAT survey would be debriefed by Mark Lewis, with your core leadership team.  Further work would be done to establish a revitalization plan according to the key areas highlighted within the CHAT or Unstuck church survey results.  

  2. Mark Lewis would then begin an ongoing coaching relationship with your core leadership team to move everyone through the contextualized revitalization plan, measuring progress and implementing changes along this exciting journey.  

  3. Ken Russell and other members of the District MLT would also provide some consultation (if needed) for areas of governance, administration and finance, Children’s ministries and NextGen Ministries.  

  4. Professional, Executive Life Coaching is provided to PAOC credential holders on a cost-share basis (50/50), to help facilitate the ongoing journey of personal and corporate revitalization. 

Weekend Schedule Example

Weekend #1                        

Session 1         “The Revitalized Church: Understanding your realities”                     
Session 2         “A change of heart: Moving from preference to purpose.”                        
Session 3         “Shifting your ministry inside out”                        
Session 4         “The power of focus: Moving from good to great”  

Weekend #2                      

Session 1         “Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose: Why they are important”                       
Session 2         “Casting the vision: Creating a value focused culture”                       
Session 3         “Building an outward focused vision”                       
Session 4         “Why vision fails”

Weekend #3                       

Session 1         “Getting the volunteers you need”                       
Session 2         “What not to do when recruiting”                       
Session 3         “Understanding and managing conflict during Revitalization Part 1                       
Session 4         “Understanding and managing conflict during Revitalization Part 2  

Weekend #4

One Weekend Worship Workshop” (weekend can be scheduled earlier in the process)  

Friday Evening            - Meet with worship pastor and tech director: assess current realities
Saturday Morning.    - Stage redesign/sound/lighting/video
Saturday Afternoon  - Individual training with vocals/musicians
Saturday Evening       - Worship team training and rehearsal
Sunday Morning         - Lead worship with church team/implement new video/stage design/sound

Cohort Experiences

A variety of continued learning times, helping your church achieve health and growth by providing encouragement, support, and tools to implement your Vision, Values, and Purpose. Together with other pastors, leaders, and coaches, we help move your church towards missional effectiveness.    

Key leaders from your church would participate in both electronic and in-person cohorts, with other PAOC Churches (and leaders) who are going through revitalization. Cohorts become key points of exchange for information, new ideas, innovative strategies, and words of encouragement        

Ongoing training and equipping sessions with a variety of different Pastors and leaders:

  • Pastors Clusters
  • Sectional Meetings
  • Re Group Training Sessions
  • Zoom gatherings  


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Revitalization isn’t just about fixing a broken Church with low attendance numbers, it’s about revitalizing your Church to be the best that it can be and serve your community well. If you’re looking to push forward and jump-start your ministry, give us a call.

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