Pathways Global

Ministerial Training

Pathway Global School of Ministry, provides accessible and affordable biblical training to international and indigenous leaders for the purpose of credentialing and helps the local church develop sustainable discipleship strategies. Pathway Global School of Ministry, seeks to mobilize Christian leaders to become involved in the expansion of the gospel in Canada and abroad.

Harold Gutierrez

Pathways Global Leader/Instructor

Harold is a pastor, communicator, and theologian. In his ministry career he ha served in different roles at local churches in Florida, North Carolina, and British Columbia. He is passionate about helping the local church become culturally and missionally relevant today. He has had 13 years of Full-time ministry experience. 

The Benefits of a School of Ministry

A school of ministry such as Pathway Global School of Ministry will be beneficial to develop leaders who will help in existing churches and initiate church plant projects in the urban areas of our district. This approach to theological education will:

  • Allow international leaders to have access to quality training without having to uproot themselves or make unrealistic financial sacrifices.
  • Help current pastors to obtain credential status with PAOC.
  • Assist the District in commissioning capable and well-trained leaders in areas of need.

As leaders find a pathway to credentialing status and obtaining quality theological education, they will be inspired to pursue more education and further their own leadership development for the church and community. They will feel more prepared to minister in our current society and will have the tools to strengthen the local church. They will also feel that they are an integral part of our fellowship and will work hard to make it better.

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