Risk Management


By equipping your team with effective and customized policies, procedures, and training, our goal is to make your community a safe one.

Austin Toews

Risk Management Specialist 

Austin Toews is a pastor, leader, teacher and coach who loves seeing families thrive. From Langley, BC, he has been married to Becca since 2012 and is a parent to the best kid in the world, August, and two of the cuddliest cats, Walt & Molly. In his margin, he loves to watch Disney+, thrift for Disneyland records and go for long walks. He is a graduate of Summit Pacific College and has been in family ministry for over ten years.

  • First thing you need to do is ensure that your church has abuse prevention coverage through your insurance policy.  
  • If you are insured through Robertson Hall you will have filled out an Abuse Prevention Declaration that looks like this. If your church has not filled this out, talk to your insurance broker.  

  • This Abuse Prevention Declaration is the basis for what you need to have in place as part of your risk management strategy
  • Because creating a risk management plan is such a daughting task we recommend purchasing “Plan to Protect ® A Safeguarding Guide for Children, Youth and Adults – Church Edition” which you can purchase here

  • Your church can use this book as a template for your own Risk Management Strategies. Just make sure that you keep in line with the copyrights of Plan to Protect ® 
  • For further support on creating your risk management strategy and implementing the training of volunteer please reach out to us. We are here to support you.  

Implement a Risk Management Strategy at your church

If you want to implement a risk management strategy at your church, or have questions about it, feel free to reach out to Austin who will be happy to assist with information and training for you and your volunteers.

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