Cross cultural Training for the local church

Koine: Gr. for “common.” It refers to the language that was widely spoken by all cultures in the Greco-Roman world during the New Testament. It allowed communication, partnership, and progress in society.

Koine will help you:

Learn about cross-cultural ministry strategies.

Achieve a healthy level of cultural awareness

Build intentional interculturalism in every aspect of church ministry.

Training includes:


In-person Seminars

Continuing coaching


For pastoral staff, leadership teams, and/or volunteers.

Koine's three Modules:

Module 1

Improving Cross-Cultural Communication

Module 2

Developing Cross Cultural Ministry Strategies

Module 3

Finding Your Voice Around Social Issues

Meet the intercultural ministry director

Harold Gutierrez

Harold is a pastor, communicator, and theologian. In his ministry career he ha served in different roles at local churches in Florida, North Carolina, and British Columbia. He is passionate about helping the local church become culturally and missionally relevant today. He has had 13 years of Full-time ministry experience. 

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