Church planting

Lost people matter to God, so they matter to us – and new churches are still the most effective way of reaching people for Jesus. The BCYD is passionately committed to starting new churches in communities throughout BC and the Yukon through our Momentum Network.

Multi-site expansion

Life-giving churches often discover that their influence extends beyond the borders of their community and start new sites that are connected by vision and mission. The BCYD’s Momentum Network also helps churches expand their reach by starting new sites.

Multiplication of ministries

The challenges and opportunities of growing churches are different from those in plateau or decline. They can benefit from help when navigating the dynamics of multiple services, multi-staffand developing or starting new ministries. BCYD’s Momentum Network is here to help.


Sometimes a discussion over the phone or a Zoom call is enough to get the church on the right track.


An on-site visit to tailor solutions to the church’s specific environment. This can include staff training and leadership development with the board.


ongoing support to walk the church through concept to implementation to ongoing evaluation.

Start a conversation

Multiplication doesn’t have to be a process you do alone. Start a conversation with us to see how we can help your multiplication needs. Whether you’re looking to plant a church, or interested in growing your existing ministries, we’re here to help.

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