Pursue your Master’s degree at Summit

Summit’s School of Graduate Studies offers several programs that serve different educational needs in our fellowship and beyond. With the help of our new learning management system (Canvas), Summit is able to maintain a great learning experience both online and via video conference.

The MA in Theology and Spiritual Leadership equips pastors, lay leaders, and interested individuals in the church and marketplace contexts with spiritual leadership competencies rooted in biblical and theological knowledge.

The MA in Youth Ministry focuses on practical training in youth ministry with a significant focus on spiritual formation and allows for flexibility between theology and leadership This program is targeted towards individuals who work with young people in a church, camp, or community context.

Other SPC School of Graduate Studies programs:

  • Certificate in Studies in Pentecostal Theology 
  • Certificate in New Testament Studies
  • Certificate in Church and Para-Church Leadership
  • Certificate in Youth Ministry

For more information about the programs, fees, and admission requirements, go to grad.summitpacific.ca or email us gradstudies@summitpacific.ca


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