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Healthy and Sustainable next-gen Ministries

We desire to have healthy and sustainable ministries in every community and context in our district to reach the 1.2 million kids and youth in the BC and Yukon for Christ. We serve as a relational network and resource hub to strengthen and extend the ministry of leaders and their local churches.

Allen De Jong

Ministry Leader for Youth & Young Adults

Allen serves as the Youth, Young Adults, and Family Ministries Director in the BCYD. He is a big fan of travelling, renovating, and any physical activity that gets his blood pumping! Before joining the BCYD team in the summer of 2020, he spent 12 years serving in local church youth ministries in both BC and Alberta. With that experience in mind, he loves connecting with, coaching, resourcing, and caring for nextgen leaders. He loves nextgen ministry and believes that if the local church (when operating as God designed it) truly is the hope of the world, nextgen ministry is the hope of the local church. 

Leadership development

  • We serve over 800 volunteers + leaders through leadership forums, clinics, and seminars for children, youth, young adult workers and volunteers, and their families.
  • We offer discipleship resources and programs designed to build disciples through short-term mission opportunities through the BC/Yukon, Canada, and the world.
  • We desire to offer transitional strategies for preteens going into middle schools, youth to university, and university students into the marketplace.
  • We offer training for lead pastors towards contemporary cultural issues.

Leadership Health

  • We desire to have all volunteer, part-time, and full-time leaders connected with other leaders throughout BC and the Yukon.
  • We offer one-on-one relational and intentional mentoring for personal and vocational realities. Please connect with our directors. They are there to serve you.
  • We are committed to offering opportunities for leaders to find rest and rejuvenation in ministry and life as part of your annual leadership conference.
  • We offer professional counselling and coaching for all PAOC credential holders.

Leadership Multiplication

  • We desire to have ministries to the next generation in every community and context in BC and the Yukon by raising up local missionaries. 
  • We develop contextualized resources to help growth initiatives in rural and suburban realities. 
  • We have apprenticeship opportunities for hands-on training and mentorship to raise up the next generation of local church leaders.

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Join our Canadian lead community striving to equip, empower and encourage children’s ministry leaders through monthly connection and training.

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