Ministry Investors Group

Investing in the local church

Ministry Investors Group is a great way to join the many others around the BC and Yukon District in helping other churches in God’s Kingdom with limited financial resources

Each year, the District seeks out three churches, who would present a plan to improve their church facilities, while also contributing financially where possible and whose annual revenues are not quite where they should be. Each of these churches are placed on the calendar to become recipients of this Ministry Investors Group financial assistance, sometimes up to $10,000, either during a Winter appeal from January to March, a Spring appeal from April to June, or a Fall appeal from September to November.

It’s during these appeals that donations of any amount, even as small as $10, are donated to the District either by mailed cheque (PAOC MIG Appeal, 20411 Douglas Cresent, Langley BC V3A4B6) or through the online giving link on this page. It’s a very easy way for every one of us to enjoy the privilege of investing in and having a share in God’s work around the province of BC and the Yukon Territory. There’s nothing more rewarding than investing in God’s Kingdom abroad.  

Since 1962 people like us have donated in over 190 appeals, formerly known as Minuteman, giving to date more than 2.6 million dollars helping 120 of our churches, 4 of our Summer Camps, and our very own Summit Pacific College. 

Join the many others today in making a donation. Also, as a pastor, we encourage you to advertise and promote this ministry in your church, as your church family can also come to enjoy the same honour of sharing, which of course more than often returns back in bigger ways than imagined.   

Not only in giving, but if your church is in financial need right now and needs a little help around the house, please apply to see how you can be added to the list of recipient churches in the days ahead. 

Join us today and see how you too can make a difference, with the many who are signed up as regular givers, in the next Ministry Investment Group appeal. 

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If you’d like to nominate your church to be a recipient of a future Ministry Investors Group Campaign, please fill out the form below.

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