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Youth Getaway 2024

May 3 - May 5

Throughout the BCYD, yet another fantastic year of ‘Youth Getaways’ has unfolded in 2023, showcasing the incredible work of God in the lives of preteens and youth through our churches. These events have made a significant impact that we believe will be long-lasting!

Over the past couple of years, our vision and hope for these occasions have remained the same:

  • That every student/leader in attendance would ENCOUNTER God in a real, tangible and life-transforming way.
  • That moments shared throughout the events would be turned into a MOMENTUM boost for leaders and their groups.
  • That it would serve to better create UNITY among the groups within each region and across our network.


As we continue our journey with ‘YG’ across our BCYD network, we are thrilled to unveil the vision and purpose behind our upcoming Youth Getaway Event in 2024. Following the themes of Encounter and Momentum from the last two years, we are upholding our values by focusing this year’s theme on UNITY. Embracing this theme and value, we are extending an invitation to the entire BCYD for a district-wide event in Kelowna in 2024. This shift represents an opportunity for our network to come together, demonstrating solidarity, growth, and a shared experience.

YG 2024 promises to be an extraordinary gathering, uniting us in purpose and spirit. It’s an opportunity for all of us to stand together, forging new connections and fortifying the existing bonds within our network.

We invite you all to join us in an unforgettable and unifying experience for our preteens and youth. Let’s walk this journey together, uniting for an exceptional Youth Getaway in 2024 in Kelowna!

God bless!

Evangel Church

3261 Gordon Drive
Kelowna, BC V1W 3N4 Canada

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