Discover Fun and Adventure at Summer Camp!

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to make lasting memories than by sending your kids to an exciting summer camp? There are various camps across the BCYD that offer a variety of engaging and inclusive day camps for children aged 3 to 12. Whether your child loves outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, or making new friends, there’s a camp that’s perfect for them!

Here are some fantastic options for BCYD Summer Camps:

  1. Camp Yukon (The North) 🏕️
    • Located in the pristine wilderness of the North, Camp Yukon offers a unique experience for young explorers. From hiking and canoeing to campfire stories under the starry sky, this camp promises adventure and unforgettable memories.
  2. Nanoose Bay Camp (Van Isle) 🌊
    • Set on beautiful Vancouver Island, Nanoose Bay Camp combines outdoor fun with beachfront activities. Kids can build sandcastles, explore tidal pools, and participate in creative workshops. It’s a slice of paradise for beach-loving campers!
  3. Lakelse (Terrace/NW) 🌲
    • Nestled in the lush forests of Terrace, Lakelse Camp offers a mix of nature exploration and team-building activities. Campers can learn survival skills, go on nature hikes, and bond with fellow adventurers around the campfire.
  4. Chubb Lake (PG/Cariboo) 🛶
    • Chubb Lake Camp, located in the Cariboo region, is all about water sports and outdoor play. Kids can paddle across the serene lake, try their hand at fishing, and enjoy the fresh mountain air. It’s a water lover’s dream!
  5. Awaken Camp (Kootenays) 🌄
    • Awaken Camp is a spiritual retreat nestled in the Kootenay Mountains. Kids can connect with nature, engage in faith-based activities, and form lasting friendships.

Don’t miss out on the adventure! Register your child today for a summer they’ll cherish forever. 🌞🏕️🎨

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